Monday, May 6, 2013

Get Involved with the Involvement Advocacy

Peter Benkendorf, founder of Involvement Advocacy
Peter Benkendorf Joins us on Success Radio. 
Photo:Dayton Business Journal

Peter Benkendorf, founder of the Involvement Advocacy came in to the studio recently to discuss his plans to uplift the city of Dayton with the help of some immensely creative minds.

After living in Chicago for some time and finding that those who lived in the government housing projects had the same potential as those living in the throes of luxury, his dream was to find a way to connect the two and improve the relations beetween the two.

In this interview, we talk about Peter's first hand account of a single mother in the government projects of Cabrini Greens who pulls her way out of poverty and a Jewish mother in the Chicago Suburbs who surprisingly has some of the same problems and concerns of the single mother in the projects.  Listen as Peter tells of their triumphant story as well as his own to help people achieve their own dreams with the Involvement Advocacy.

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